ClearCorrect® is different.

This is an excellent orthodontic treatment for teens that want to straighten their teeth without standing out. Most people will not notice that your teen is wearing anything because the aligners are completely clear. Your teen can smile brightly without worrying about appearance. In fact, as the aligners move your teen’s teeth into position, his or her smile will start to look better. Another plus is that your teen does not have to wait until the end of the treatment to notice a difference in appearance.

When considering ClearCorrect® or metal braces, sit down and talk with your teen about the options for his or her orthodontic treatment. Clear Braces Patients throughout the Oklahoma City area frequently ask us about clear braces. Clear braces are another excellent alternative to traditional metal braces.

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Terry Bass OKC dentist, we will examine your teen’s teeth and take X-Rays. Once we have the necessary information, we will determine what the most effective treatment method will be for straightening your teen’s teeth. The term clear braces can also refer to traditional braces made from a ceramic material that is tooth-colored. When getting clear braces, your teen’s teeth will be moved into the correct position as we monitor the progress and jaw. If your teen does have a misaligned jaw, as is common with an overbite, then that will need to be corrected as well. If left untreated, your teen will not have the perfect smile that he or she is looking for and will be at a greater risk for infection.

At Dr. Terry Bass, DDS, we create customized treatment plans for each patient. With this in mind, we will provide the information you need in order to decide if clear braces are the best option for your teen. If you live in the local area, call (405) 848-7780 to schedule your consultation and ask about clear braces for your teen.

Dr. Terry Bass, DDS, believes ClearCorrect® is different for adults’ vs teens. The process for straightening teeth is similar though. ClearCorrect® straightens teeth by using a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners look like a clear retainer and are nearly invisible so that no one will know that your teen is wearing them. We help teens and adults throughout the local area improve their smile. Dr. Terry Bass OKC dentist understands your teen’s needs and is equipped to make the right treatment recommendation.

Advantages of ClearCorrect®

As a ClearCorrect® Orthodontics Provider in Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma, we understand that there are many advantages of ClearCorrect® compared to traditional braces. The main similarity between ClearCorrect® and metal braces is that both products straighten your teen’s teeth. While there is nothing wrong with metal braces, alternative options can make life easier. Metal braces can also make it difficult to eat, brush teeth, play sports and play an instrument without feeling uncomfortable. At Dr. Terry Bass, DDS, we suggest that patients take out their aligner when playing an instrument, singing in the choir or other activities where it could cause discomfort. The advantage of ClearCorrect®, compared to traditional braces, is that your teen does not have to slow down. With ClearCorrect®, your teen has the freedom to enjoy life and live it without restriction.

Teens have enough things to worry about, their teeth should not be one of them. For more information on ClearCorrect® or to schedule a consultation, call (405) 848-7780. Call today so you can have a beautiful smile tomorrow.