Dental Crowns

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When a tooth has suffered some type of damage, its strength and integrity may be compromised. The dental crown is a wonderful tool of cosmetic dentistry because it allows your dentist to save your natural tooth while reinforcing its structure and protecting it from further harm.

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What Can Tooth Crowns Do?

Tooth damage can be caused by a variety of factors, including physical injury, decay, or outdated fillings that have cracked. Metal fillings that have expanded due to temperature changes can also break or fracture a tooth, putting it in danger of further breakage or decay. With a crown placed over the biting surfaces of a tooth, a once weakened tooth is made stronger and is better able to handle biting forces.

Benefits of Tooth Crowns

Dental crowns are created from advanced materials and custom designed to fit your specific needs. As an added benefit, crowns can also enhance the appearance of the tooth for an instant smile improvement.

Color, texture, size, and shape can be manipulated to give you the qualities you seek in a tooth restoration. Our new tooth crowns can also be used to replace old crowns that show that unattractive black line between the tooth and the gum line. 

Dr. Spielmann can create a crown that is both functional and beautiful. After your crown placement procedure, you should be able to eat normally and enjoy a tooth appearance that blends in well with your smile.

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