New You Dentures

New You Dentures

Proudly Serving Patients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman & nearby areas of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City dentist Dr. Terry Bass is pleased to offer New You Dentures™ for the replacement of entire arches of teeth. If you are missing several teeth in your upper or lower arch, Dr. Bass would be happy to meet with you, discuss this advanced denture option, and help you determine if it is the best choice for your smile.

To schedule your New You Dentures consultation, please contact Terry L. Bass, DDS online or by calling 405-848-7780 today. Dr. Bass serves Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Lawton, and all surrounding areas of Oklahoma.

A Number of Options

There are five different options for securing New You Dentures. The carts at right offer a comparison of the benefits offered by these individual options. Please click the thumbnails for a more detailed view.

To learn if New You Dentures™ are right for your smile, call Oklahoma City neuromuscular dentist Dr. Terry L. Bass at 405-848-7780 to schedule a consultation today

Regardless of the option determined best for securing your New You Dentures, this neuromuscular tooth replacement treatment offers a number of benefits over traditional dentures. Not only are new You Dentures stronger and more reliable than standard options, they are handcrafted to meet the specific needs of individual patients, increasing comfort and greatly improving appearance.

New You Dentures provide:

  • A more attractive and natural-looking smile
  • A neuromuscular/cosmetic approach to denture building and treatment that will allow you to maintain optimum muscle relaxation, bite and function that translates directly into the appearance of your dentures
  • Great facial support that eliminates the appearance of a sunken jaw

There are several reasons to consider New You Dentures, particularly if dentures are the most effective option for your smile. During your initial consultation Dr. Bass will carefully assess your smile, discuss all of your option, and help you determine if New You Dentures are right for your needs.

If you are considering dentures in Oklahoma City or surrounding areas, please contact Oklahoma neuromuscular dentist Dr. Terry Bass to learn more about your options.