Athletes know how important a good mouthguard can be for protecting your mouth and jaw. But do you know how important a custom-fitted mouthguard is? Not only can it make the difference between just “some” protection and optimal protection, but a custom-fit PPM™ mouthguard can actually enhance athletic performance and/or alleviate pain. PPM™ certified Dr. Terry Bass OKC dentist can help you get the athletic edge over the competition whether you are an amateur or professional athlete. Say Goodbye to Jaw Misalignment

The concept is simpler than it seems. A misaligned jaw is known to cause muscle spasms that can affect your head, neck, face, shoulders, arms, and hands. During the PPM™ mouthguard fitting procedure, Dr. Terry Bass OKC dentist will determine your most relaxed jaw and muscle state and design your mouthguard to hold your jaw in that position during athletic activities or sleep for those suffering from sleep apnea (OSA).

Good athletic performance depends upon the full range of motion. You have more control over relaxed muscles than tense muscles. Relaxed muscles experience less pain, cramping, and restriction, and this translates into more control and better performance for you.

A good night’s sleep also depends on relaxed muscles. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) you might also benefit from wearing a PPM™ mouthguard. One of its features positions your jaw to maximize your airway, preventing the exact conditions that cause OSA.

If you or someone you know would like more information about custom fitted mouthguards for athletics or OSA, contact Dr. Terry Bass OKC dentist to address concerns about your dental health. Call us today at 405-848-7780.