teeth whitening

Cost of Teeth Whitening Oklahoma City OK 

Whiter teeth and brighter smiles are attractive, and many people are willing to pay whatever it takes, provided it boosts their confidence. Having whiter teeth is also associated with beauty and a healthy lifestyle.  Tooth whitening helps to remove stains on natural teeth. However, your dentist will inform you that artificial dental work such as …

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dental veneers

Dental Veneers FAQs in Oklahoma City OK

There are many reasons why your teeth and smile can seem to be unattractive. Fortunately, dental veneers can solve most of your cosmetic dental problems if you’re a suitable candidate. The dentist will take X-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth. This step is necessary to identify signs of gum disease, tooth decay, or …

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general dentistry

Affordable Dentist In My Area, Oklahoma City OK

Getting affordable dental care is important to help you save costs on taking care of your own dental health and oral hygiene. When looking for a dentist, consider our practice; we provide exceptional dental care and high-quality services without compromising either. Our experienced team is proud to serve you and your family, which can help …

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dental cleaning

Importance of Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning in Oklahoma City OK

No matter how diligent your at-home oral care routine is, harmful bacteria can still hide in your mouth in places that are hard to reach with regular brushing and flossing. After some time, the accumulated plaque and tartar can pose serious risks to your oral health and even affect your overall health if the bacteria …

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tooth colored fillings

White, Tooth Colored Filling – FAQs | Oklahoma City OK

Here are some frequently asked questions about white, tooth colored fillings. What is White Tooth Colored Filling? Tooth colored filling refers to a dental treatment or procedure that is used to fill cavities or restore a decayed or damaged tooth. During the procedure, the dentist uses the tooth-colored filling material to fill the cavity, restoring …

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dental cleaning

What’s Involved In A Dental Exam & Cleaning? Oklahoma City OK

Scheduling your exam and cleaning today will help protect your dental health, which is important in maintaining exceptional oral health. The most basic appointment involves a bi-annual cleaning that maintains the strength of our teeth. Regular appointments are necessary to prevent diseases from occurring, as well as decay on our teeth. What to Expect  Routine …

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tooth infection treatment

Tooth Infection Treatment in Oklahoma City OK

A tooth infection occurs when bacteria infects the inside of your tooth (pulp), resulting in a condition known as pulpitis. If not treated promptly, the infection may spread to surrounding areas of the tooth, causing pus to collect in the tooth or surrounding gum pockets. This is known as an abscess. Tooth infections can be …

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dental crowns

Dental Crown Specialist Near Me, Oklahoma City OK

A dental crown or tooth cap can be used to fix chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. Fillings may be used to repair minor tooth damage in some instances. Crowns are preferable to fillings unless the damage is minor and limited to the front teeth. Fillings are less expensive than crowns, but they are not as …

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emergency dentistry

Infected Tooth Dentist Near Me, Oklahoma City OK

If regular and proper flossing and brushing do not remove the plaque in your gums or tooth, the bacteria might spread inside the tender tissue of the gums or tooth; this can eventually result in an emergency tooth infection. At our practice, our experienced tooth infection dentists treat tooth infections, an assembly of pus that …

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emergency dentist

Emergency Dental Extractions in Oklahoma City OK

It is normal to have bacteria living on various parts of the teeth and mouth, but tooth infections can happen when bacteria penetrates the outer surfaces of the teeth-that contain enamel or damaged dentin. The infection typically settles in deep pockets as it cannot be reached through brushing alone. Poor dental hygiene, tooth injury, and …

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